2016 Saffire Saffire Grill


2016 Saffire Grill Overview & Specs

The Saffire charcoal fired, ceramic grill and smoker
has the most advanced features in its class. With
precision flame control the Saffire Grill can produce
delicious gourmet results every time. Whether you’re
a championship barbecue competitor or simply a
novice smoking enthusiast, the Saffire Grill will provide
some of the most exceptional results possible on any
barbecue smoker available today.
The tight seal and heavy ceramic construction of Saffire
holds and controls heat like no other type of grill can.
Your charcoal usage will be ½ to ¼ that of standard
charcoal grills. Whether it’s intense heat you require
for perfectly seared steaks and seafood, or the savor
of true slow smoked barbecue, the Saffire Grill is for
you. You can even use it as a wood-fired brick oven
for pizza, bread and much more. The high temperature
ceramics will give you a lifetime of use. With some of
the finest stainless steel alloys on all hardware, you
are ensured many years of corrosion resistance and a
minimum amount of maintenance. All this comes in a
beautiful compact design.

  • Ceramic Construction Durable non-fading ceramic glaze.
  • Retains Heat - The heavy ceramic dome construction, along with a tight gasketed seal, makes the Saffire highly efficient. This allows the grill to operate on minimal charcoal quantities while smoking food for many hours. Ideal for use even in cold winter
  • Retains Moisture - The efficient design of the Saffire requires a minimal amount of air to keep it hot. With less air flow there is less drying so the food retains its moisture, eliminating the need for a water pan.
  • Temperature Control- The minimal air flow also prevents runaway fires. Since the temperature fluctuates very little, it’s easy to maintain your desired temperature for hours.
  • Wide Temperature Range - Easily sustains internal temperatures from less than 200 degrees to over 700 degrees.
  • Safety - The exterior surface remains much cooler than that of a steel grill.
  • Stainless Steel Hinge, Bands, Springs and Hardware Highest quality stainless steel alloys throughout the grill for anti-corrosion and longevity.
  • Stainless Steel Setting Cart is Strong and sturdy design for better mobility. Quick assembly. Includes bamboo side shelves with stainless steel tool hooks.
  • Stainless Steel Top & Bottom Dampers Allows precision adjustment of airflow and grill temperature.
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grid - Use any type of spatula, brush, or scraper without having to worry about chipping or scratching porcelain, even if dropped on a hard surface.
  • Hinged Access Door in Cooking Grid provides access to the fire without removing the cooking grid. Use for adding or adjusting charcoal and wood chips/chunks.
  • ½ to ¼ Assembly Time of most other ceramic grills. Preassembled ceramic grill head including side shelves!
  • The Saffire Grill may be installed in a masonry grill island so the cooking area is conveniently close to the countertop height and is aesthetically pleasing.

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